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  • AboutWe have been running a private tipping service since June 2016 with a 31% ROI over just under 1,000 bets by the end of the year. We charge £9.99 a month and offer a moneyback guarantee if we do not show profit over a 30 day period. Tips are emailed and then recorded in a spreadsheet which we use to analyze results. All results are available via our website.
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    Sep 9 2017 21:44:15
    This player did not play Mahut in the US Open qualies; it was a different player Soon Woo Kwon.. link to the profile follows..
  • 0 (374) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    Sep 9 2017 21:42:11
    There is a mistake here - this player, Soon Woo Kwon, played Mahut in the US Open qualification but it is not showing up here; instead it is showing up on the profile of player 'Soon-Woo Kwon'.. Link to this random player's profile here.. (
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