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  • 2064 (3987) Aces -$41 ROI:-0.0% 67% 
    Nov 6 2018 20:14:54
    Francis looked out of this world good. He thrives in these atmospheres
  • zoocorp (Mod) Ace Leader #1
    11881 (89070) Aces -$2,016 ROI:-1.7% 61% 
    Nov 5 2018 15:32:14
    @andyroddick when you use the drop down menu regarding player activity under ITF Colina it says within Peru but this tournament is in Chile
  • andyroddick (Admin) 
    2435 (58256) Aces +$1,425 ROI:+7.6% 52% 
    Oct 30 2018 10:29:30
    Don't be surprised when you add scores and occasionally a semifinal match pops up. I will fix that during the day all the days :) Cheers
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