v2.0.6 ‘The Long and Winding Road’

  • Fixed Tournaments headings to include Surface.
  • Fixed the Advanced Tour Filter for Women on Match Preview Activity.
  • Fixed Your Insight Player and Tournament links above username.
  • Added ability to give 5+ Aces to Insight via Gold heart.
  • Improved styling for compressed view.
  • Improved styling for voided bets.
  • Performance improvements.


v2.0.5 ‘Money for Nothing’

  • Added Tip Comp rewards automation! Aces automatically convert to extended site subscription every 1000 Aces.
  • Added ability for Champs to modfiy start times.
  • Valuebet Bot auto-tipping on Value bets, includes historic data.
  • Corrected Set Spread Odds Feed.


v2.0.4 ‘Try a Little Tenderness ‘

  • Fixed username showing in Your Insight filter
  • Fixed Go to next 50 -100 visibility
  • Added ability to Unmute a user
  • Fixed adding of double digit scores where appropriate in Scoresheet
  • Fixed Tournament Leaders (Tournament > Players tab) filters
  • Fixed some Match Stats fields not showing
  • Fixed checks for maximum bets on individual matches
  • Fixes for odd feed
  • We are accepting alternative payments for site subscription on a case by case basis. Please email support@tennisinsight. Connect the Flash recover corrupt bentley rdl file Drive to Windows 10
    To recover deleted files from a flash drive on Windows 10, you need to first connect the flash drive to your computer. com to discuss.


v2.0.3’Talk is Cheap’

  • Added Insight lazy-loading
  • Added dashboard on homepage
  • Added Ace giving options to Your Insight (Gold 5, Silver 3, Bronze 1)
  • Added Guest count to left sidebar and show Active Users by default
  • Fixed breadcrumb formatting on Your Insight pages
  • Fixed filtering of non-ascii chars in Your Insight posts
  • Fixed issues with Users updating account information
  • Fixed Match Previews and Player Activity not displaying Player seeds
  • Fixed General Comments link in Your Insight posts
  • Paypal renewal issues resolved
  • Fixed right sidebar Tournament Match Stats links
  • Fixed Reply post hotlinks
  • Enhancements to Set Spread Odds feed processing
  • Added Turnover and Total Tips to Tournament Users Leaders table


v2.0.2 ‘Eye of the Tiger’

  • Benchmarking statistics on User profile are now displayed in real time
  • Added tournament and tip comp leaders to left sidebar
  • Added WTA filter to player activity tab for female players
  • Added match stats popup to match preview page
  • Added summary to top of head-to-head section on match preview page
  • Implemented Tip Comps for major tournaments!
  • Fixed tables for mobile devices on the home and match previews pages
  • Added private message notification on @Mention in a comment or reply
  • Fixed home page slider on mobile devices
  • Fixed odds not showing in user tip list for losing bets
  • Added last 10 user tips view
  • User tips list is now sortable by date
  • Removed errors for logged out users
  • Fixed issues with pushed exotics bets



v2.0.1 ‘Mustang Sally’

  • Fixed home page slider mobile layout
  • Player/Activity filter – Player Odds 6+ correctly displaying
  • Live earnings fix
  • Added Last 10 option to Earnings tab
  • User Earnings sortable date
  • Winning/Losing tips colour green/red for win/loss
  • All Insight menu item added
  • No odds bets now show correct outcome
  • Odds on the losing bets are now displayed on the User’s Insight table
  • Password resetting issue resolved
  • User benchmarking buttons in notes now coloured green for positive or red for negative
  • No longer lose your place when replying to Insights
  • Inbox notification fixed
  • User now receives message when a reply to Insight is received
  • Classic bets no longer showing as 10 times the amount
  • Match preview surface rating “Hi of” value now showing
  • Odds 2+ filter on activity pane fixed
  • Momentum scrolling enabled on mobile
  • Bankroll refactoring
  • Locked map zoom on tournament page
  • “Add your insight” button styling
  • Player Rankings graphs loading correctly
  • Odds feed tweaks
  • Classic Read-Only explanation
  • Free month of membership for all existing users
  • 2 week free trial for new users
  • Post-Bankroll Leaderboards
  • Blog page revamp
  • The Guide updates