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  • AboutMy bets are based on a mathematical model and calculated by a program using only stats of past matches. Do not be surprised to see huge swings, even -50k (betting 1k TI$ each bet) can happen despite making value bets and do not get carried away by huge upswings. Variance is a big part of betting and dealing with it is crucial to make profit.
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Tip Summary: 56.69% (233/411) in last 3 months | 60.57% (536/885) in last year | 67.05% (13823/20616) all time

Earnings Summary: -$18,742.90 in last 3 months | +$12,557.80 in last year | +$269,584.00 all time

ROI Summary: -4.4% in last 3 months ($430,000.00 turnover) | +1.3% in last year ($956,000.00 turnover) | +2.2% all time ($12,083,100.00 turnover)

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