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  • Andy Murray (GBR) d. Novak Djokovic (SRB) 6-3 6-4
    at London ATP WTF (GBR)
    Indoor Hard, Final
    rp.zoran (Admin) 
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    Nov 20 2016 17:20:01
    Last match of the season, so let's go with a maximum bet. Andrew's not having a great week (compared to his standards), not to add that he's absolutely mentally and physically exhausted. Novak was here so many times before and he clearly knows how to handle this kind of pressure. Don't forget that he loves these situations. It is hard to find a reason to play when you've got nearly 17000 points and 4 consecutive GS titles and that should explain his cooling after Roland Garros. I don't see the crowd being any factor to be honest, Novak played plenty of matches with crowd going completely against him. Sometimes he plays better when the crowd's not cheering for him than the other way around. Well, Novak, there you have it. The first time that the last match of the season decides the YE#1. Motive is there, body is ready. Put Andrew where he belongs. Show the world who's the king.
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