We have just release a new version of Tennis Insight that will improve the user experience and user interface for Mobile devices. Specifically we have targeted:

  1. General Layout – cleaning up the positioning of global elements and making them more suited to a vertical scrolling mobile device
  2. Menus – adjusting the size of the Main Menu and improving the left and right slide in menus such that they work better on all device widths
  3. Match Preview Header – Condensing the top section of the Match Previews such that it takes up much less real estate allowing for easier access to information below
  4. Tabs – making all tabs revert back

We are excited to announce a new feature on Tennis Insight. The ability to Top-up your Bankroll if you run out. Along with some changes to the layout of the User profile pages you will find a new button called “Add Bankroll”. By clicking on this button within your own profile page you will be taken through the process of adding extra bankroll to use on your tips within TI immediately. For just a couple of Euro you can now get that extra boost needed to make that big bet on that sure winner.

May 2016 brings us to a new period for Rewards. Which means that shortly

We have recently undergone an extensive revamp of our TI Model Match Ratings and handles. After some teething issues we believe that the results will lead to a much more accurate and reliable prediction model.

Minimum buy-in for Moneyline bets are available on each match. The Match Previews list (http://tennisinsight.com/match-previews/) shows all the recommended bets in green and the results of taking these bets can be seen by the bets taken by the MoneylineBot (http://tennisinsight.com/user/?id=72).

With the changes that have been made we have added the ability to make Model Predictions on other types of bets including Spreads and Up/Under. Look out for these to appear on the

It has taken us a while to work out the process but we are very please to announce that CASH REWARDS ARE BACK. Not only are they back but they will given out FOUR TIMES A YEAR starting from February 1st 2016. The amount you get back will still be based on the Aces received within the 3 month leader-board. The periods will be broken down as such:

  • February 1st to April 30th
  • May 1st to 31st
  • August 1st to Oct 31st
  • Nov 1st to January 31st.

Note: we have chosen these quarters such that the changeover never appears in the middle of a Grand Slam. Not all