Due to the popularity of the API it has been getting quite a lot of use lately. Unfortunately the volume of API queries has put an unsustainable load on the server and grinding the site to a halt. We are reviewing the API and will release a new version in the near future which will have tighter restrictions around frequency of requests but also have added functionality in terms of what can be accessed. Please hang in there and we will update you soon.

Uleso and the TI Team.

It has been up for a while but we are excited to welcome back Challenges! Here is how they work:

  1. Find a Moneyline bet within Insights that you do not agree with.
  2. Press the Challenge Icon (Lightning Bolt) to start your challenge.
  3. Enter the number of Aces that you will give and the number of aces that you will receive.
  4. The user that created the original tip receives a challenge request.
  5. If the user declines the challenge then the challenge is cancelled. If the accept the challenge then it is on! The Aces involved are held in limbo.
  6. Once the match result is on then both winning and losing user

We’ve just put live a whole lot of improvements to the Match Preview page, with a new look for the Overview and Your Insight tabs, and a Total Earnings box at the top of the page, so you can see how the community fared overall on a match.

Pre-match you’ll see the look of the summary of Insight tips has been updated, making it easier to glance over and see the number of tips and total amount tipped per bet type available on the match.

Post-match that summary will update it’s colours to show the winning  and losing side of the bet types. A simplified Insight Summary panel has also been added to the Overview

We are please to announce a new version of TI that now includes the custom Head to Head facility. So you can now select your own two players and compare them directly within a Match Preview. Simply use the HEAD 2 HEAD links within the left sidebar to activate.

Another exiting update in this release is the ability to download CSV (Excel) versions of most tables within TI. Look out for the buttons on the top right of the tables.

Further Mobile improvements have also been made.

Look out for much more coming soon.