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    Aug 19 2019 11:20:20
    Hi guys - match stats for Hurkacz v Nishikori at Indian Wells ( have an error, showing Hurkacz as winning 344/361 second return points!
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    Jun 11 2019 13:53:25
    Hi guys, you have a mistake in the match stats from Sakharov v Korda in Tallahassee Challenger in April (, it has Korda winning 81% of points in the match in defeat, the error looks to have come via a typo in the return points won.

    They play again in 2nd round in Shymkent on Wednesday, so it would be great if you could correct the error.
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    Feb 2 2018 14:08:08
    Hey guys, any chance of adding a new tab on the Player Stats menu for each player in each match up?

    So at the moment for example you have clay/hard/indoor hard/grass/indoor & outdoor hard/indoor hard & carpet etc, would it be possible to get indoor hard, outdoor hard and carpet all put together as well? Or alternatively have a tick box where we can include or omit surfaces as required?
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    Oct 5 2017 06:17:51

    With regard to the Match Stats area for each match, could you clarify what 'All Tours' mean for men's players?

    Is it ATP and Challenger only, or ATP/Challenger/ITF?

    If you could make a way of looking at stats for each tour individually (like was possible in Classic) that would be superb, also could you please consider making Main Tour/Main Draw the default settings for these (also as was in Classic) - would be so much easier :)
  • Florian Mayer (GER) d. Benoit Paire (FRA) 6-0 6-4
    at Halle ATP 250 (GER)
    Grass, Round of 32
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    Jun 20 2017 07:53:48
    Mayer's venue/historical record on grass is irrelevant - he's been at barely any level this year, so it's incomparable.

    He may well win (who knows with Paire?) but using this as justification is utterly flawed...
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    Jan 13 2017 08:54:27
    Hi guys, disappointed with the removal of Classic but understand the reasoning.

    In an attempt to make Classic users as familiar with the newer site as possible, could I please request some slight alterations?

    1) Instead of the match page loading on insight, can it be defaulted to overview as Classic was?
    2) On the player stats page of each match, can you set default to ATP (or WTA) and main draw (as Classic was) as opposed to all rounds?

    Thank you :)
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