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  • Pedro Sousa (POR) d. Diego Schwartzman (ARG) w/o
    at Buenos Aires ATP (ARG)
    Clay, Semi Final
    61 (491) Aces -$0 ROI:-1.9% 63% 
    Feb 15 2020 15:24:24
    Diego match yesterday lasted 3 hours and a half... and he looked to have a thigh stretch.It was 5-5 on 3rd, and he managed god knows how to hold and break pablo cuevas and won. Cuevas btw played against Garin that had pain, vomit face, measured blood presure, and also managed to lose. Looks like his trainer has to tell him "Hey Pablo, when your opponent is almost dying, please dont go to the line every point, make him play".

    But I wont back Pedro Sousa because Diego can simply be normal today and like a good brazilian I have to say that argentines dont respect the other player, its like a football match... better dont touch in this one IMHO
  • Christian Garin (CHI) d. Pablo Cuevas (URU) 1-6 6-3 6-4
    at Cordoba ATP (ARG)
    Clay, Quarter Final
    61 (491) Aces -$0 ROI:-1.9% 63% 
    Feb 7 2020 21:11:15
    Garin with the hand on the lower back. Dont know if its serious as he didnt called the doctor after losing first set 6-1

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