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  • AboutI\'m a newbie & a numbers man. Still in my first season, struggling with Clay but slowly getting to grips with everything. I don\'t play the game, I don\'t even watch the game. I live in part of the world where internet speeds are kilobytes per week, but love to watch the scoreboard all night and like to have a dabble on Betfair if & when I can.
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  • Madison Keys (USA) d. Sofia Kenin (USA) 7-5 6-4
    at Cincinnati WTA Premier (USA)
    Hard Court, Semi Final
    2743 (10215) Aces +$591 ROI:+3.6% 53% 
    Aug 17 2019 08:22:01
    Statistically these two look very close with both showing overall improved recent form from t...
  • Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS) d. Karolina Pliskova (CZE) 3-6 7-6(2) 6-3
    at Cincinnati WTA Premier (USA)
    Hard Court, Quarter Final
    2743 (10215) Aces +$591 ROI:+3.6% 53% 
    Aug 16 2019 09:21:45
    With Plicskova being ranked #5 on Hard [ELO] and Kuznetsova #48, she should be sub 1.20 for this so price is pretty good value, despite being on the short side.
    The powerful servin...
  • Naomi Osaka (JPN) d. Su-Wei Hsieh (TPE) 7-6(3) 5-7 6-2
    at Cincinnati WTA Premier (USA)
    Hard Court, Round of 16
    2743 (10215) Aces +$591 ROI:+3.6% 53% 
    Aug 15 2019 10:03:01
    This could be an interesting match where Hsieh is playing slightly above her 1yr Hard stats rig...
  • Jelena Ostapenko (LAT) d. Caroline Garcia (FRA) 6-3 6-3
    at Toronto WTA Premier (CAN)
    Hard Court, Round of 64
    2743 (10215) Aces +$591 ROI:+3.6% 53% 
    Aug 5 2019 07:30:06
    Ostapenko has never won a match here in Toronto and her ELO rankings suggest she's not a fan of Hard courts. She's #58 AS / #84 on hard and her expected hold for todays match, based on 1yr Hard stats is just over 50% v 75% for Garcia, who is #25 AS / #22 Hard..
    Garcia has an 11% above average Break-Back chance vs an 11% below average for Ostapenko.
    Based on both stats and rankings I believe Garcia should be much shorter, possibly sub 1.30, so the 1.50, despite not being all that attractive, is still good value
  • Ekaterina Alexandrova (RUS) d. Timea Babos (HUN) 7-5 7-6(5)
    at Toronto WTA Premier (CAN)
    Hard Court, Qualifying Rnd
    2743 (10215) Aces +$591 ROI:+3.6% 53% 
    Aug 4 2019 14:20:35
    I'm going to attempt to upset the applecart with this one.
    Babos is #88 on Hard, Alexandrova is #40, meaning the Russian [or the chick with the Russian name] should be 1.44.
    Her expected hold based on 1yr Hard stats are 76% v 67% and her 3m for is even more impressive. 72% v 58%. She has a 7% advantage with expected holds and despite a poor BP save she has a much better break back chance %.
    1.54 is not nice, but value is value

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