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  • Tomas Machac (CZE) d. Felipe Meligeni Alves (BRA) 6-1 7-6(4)
    at Australian Open Qualifying ATP Slam (QAT)
    Hard Court, Qualifying R2
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    Jan 11 2021 14:36:16
    Alves had good form last last year (albeeit on another surface) which has continued with an encouraging first match win in the qualies. I don't know a lot about Tomas hut bit surprised to see such one sided odds for this matchup. Definitely see a lot of value in alves with +5 games and see no reason why he couldn't win. Other than the court surface being a factor, am I missing something here?
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    Nov 22 2020 11:45:03
    Hi all, I was interested in.some specific stats but I wasn't able to find it anywhere here on tennis insight. Perhaps someone knows where I can find this data.

    Is it possible to sort all players (list view) based on specific match stats attribute. For eg. Players with highest percentage of lost first sets / wins the match.

    Thanks everyone.

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