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  • About \\\"Heroes in tennis have one thing in common: they project the impression that they have standards, personal convictions and attitudes that they will not violate for the sake of winning a tennis match...By winning the French Open, Wilander established himself as the top player for the first half of 1988. He is the closest thing we have today to a tennis hero, falling short of being so acknowledged because he has yet to win Wimbledon or the U.S. Open.* But he is grace under pressure personified, wins consistently, plays his best in big finals, and possesses high standards. If Wilander lacks anything, it is the touch of arrogance - the aloofness of Borg, or the conspicuous pride of Laver. It is only nominally a deficiency. (Extract from article by Peter Bodo, published in TENNIS, August 1988)(*just one month before Mats did in fact win the U.S. Open)
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  • Bianca Andreescu (CAN) d. Elina Svitolina (UKR) 6-3 2-6 6-4
    at Indian Wells WTA Premier (USA)
    Hard Court, Semi Final
    42 (5340) Aces -$4,102 ROI:-51.3% 17% 
    Mar 16 2019 01:49:32
    Svitolina has been demonstrating in her last couple of matches - when facing tough opponents who dominated for most parts of the first 2 sets and eventually forcing the match going to a decisive 3rd set - well, what I was mentioning in the beginning what about Svetlina has been demonstrating during those matches, is her ability to to adapt her gameplay during the match, especially when whe find herself on the backfoot early in the the match, and most often manage to adapt her gameplay in a way that tend to neutralize the opponents game despite he was seemingly superior just a short while ago, and then Svetlina seem to know that it is not about deserving to win, succeed to win etc etc
    When you are not having the best day tenniswise and you find yourself struggling with keeping up the maintained level of performance without any hopeful consistency at all, it is simply about to FIND a way to win, despite all the current circumstances. And this is what Svetlina did in a very impressive way in her two previous matches. They are similar in the way of Svetlina not being the better player for most part of the match, instead I would estimate that Barty and Vondrosova were the better players for nearly 2 of the 3 sets played. Yet Svetlina managed to FIND a way to win.
    So whatever this 18-year old Canadian babyface wonderkid comes up with, I am not particularly worried that it should turn out to be anything so revolutionizing new that I, me and myself should find it to be any concern. Neither does Svitlina I can surely guarantee. She has experienced most strangely behaving people, I can almost promise, and I am fairly convinced he wont be anything near of worried before this mission
  • Nicolas Jarry (CHI) d. Taro Daniel (JPN) 4-6 6-1 6-4
    at Phoenix Ch (USA)
    Hard Court, Round of 16
    42 (5340) Aces -$4,102 ROI:-51.3% 17% 
    Mar 14 2019 20:19:59
    Nice value. I was expecting the opening odds line dropping on Jarry, but instead it seems to move a bit in the other direction. Should be around 1.5 @ Jarry to be the clear favorite to win this match. On a normal day, Jarry is simply the better player in this match-up. He is an established ATP-player at an average level. Taro is among the weakest players on the ATP-tour. Jarry is almost as comfortable with playing his game on hardcourt as he is on clay. Taro is much more of specialized claycourter. Also when comparing their current form, Jarry should be considered as the one of these players who has a slight advantage.
    The only concern is that Jarry - like so many other times when established ATP-players occasionally be playing on the Challenge Tour - come into this match with lack of focus and the mentality of not being in their level of a 100 % fully motivation.
    Except for a situation of that risk, I find no reason or circumstance not in favour of why Jarry should be given estimation of around 70% possibility of chance to win here.
  • Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (ESP) d. Stan Wawrinka (SUI) 6-2 3-6 4-6 7-6(5) 6-3
    at French Open ATP Slam (FRA)
    Clay, Round of 128
    42 (5340) Aces -$4,102 ROI:-51.3% 17% 
    May 28 2018 01:51:08
    Agree with Stima, regarding concerns over Stans fitness. This is claycourt, it means that even if you are winning and the clearly better player, you cannot really avoid lots of points with long rallies, it is an especially guarantee when meeting a spaniard. GGL will put up a fight. Even if Wavrinka has a great day, being the better player and winning in straight, it would still mean having to play at least somewhere between 25-30 games, imo and based on my personal calculations. Will Wavrinka manage to keep up a persistent high level during 25-30 games? I doubt so. From what I could see of his gameplay in Switzerland recently, he seems to not only lack general fitness, but also being far from a decent level of match fit and in match form ready for competition. He lost so many long rallies. He had reoccuring problems finding his range, when playing his normal baseline game and ordinary groundstrokes. When the match became an effort physcial, he was clearly affected and almost directly lost his gameplay.

    So I agree with the doubts already expressed here concerning Stan being fit enough for 3 sets. Not to mention his ability to cope with 4 sets or, the horrendous thought of something even worse - a long 5 setter on clay and without any definity end stage such as a TieBreak for example. I hope his current coach is a good advisor for his personal best. Understand me right,- actually I really like Stan and he has been one of my absolute favorite players on the tour for the last couple of years, which perhaps means that I really don't wanna see him in a fifth set at Roland Garros currently as I would imagine he would end up lying dead on the court with clay in his perineum, scrutum, rectum and so on, after suffering a massive heart attack.With the obduction finding even more french RG Clay blistered around his prostate gland, and so on. Not like that, never, it would be such a monumental tragedy. Not to mention what the tabloids would write and publish concering the mystical findings of Clay in all different cavities.
  • Alexander Zverev (GER) d. Borna Coric (CRO) 6-4 6-4
    at Miami Masters 1000 (USA)
    Hard Court, Quarter Final
    42 (5340) Aces -$4,102 ROI:-51.3% 17% 
    Mar 30 2018 02:34:04
    Information desk in Miami just informed me they will wait 30 min until informing the players that 2nd set must be replayed. This is due their unique Miami policy of always maintaining highest level of sportmanship, of all tournaments within the ATP. The players are currently emotional and being given the message about replay now could lead to catastrophic consequences, such as hurt feelings, disappointment, undeserved relief, necrophilian interaction in public on court, confusion, disbelief or - in worst case even...TEARS!! And that would be disaster in terms of PR, not only for the Miami Tournament but unavoidable also disaster proportions PR-wise for the entire state of Florida. Which according to the information desk is the most important state in the US due to it's tendency to be the decisive voting-state when it comes to ability to alwaws produce the best selection among all candidates for winning the election to become presidents. So, the reason for waiting some more time until they shall notify the players, is to avoid a sudden recession of the American Economy, AND, not to disturb the ecologic geo-landscape with all various wild animals in the state of Florida. The last sentence was something that the lady from the information desk was something that she wish to clarify with very clear words and huge emphase, with an ending monologue with the message of raw and brutal repression along with haitian black magic connections capable of curse actions, and all this being carefully and very uncensored when described with her fearful voice in a state of endless rage

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