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  • About \\\"Heroes in tennis have one thing in common: they project the impression that they have standards, personal convictions and attitudes that they will not violate for the sake of winning a tennis match...By winning the French Open, Wilander established himself as the top player for the first half of 1988. He is the closest thing we have today to a tennis hero, falling short of being so acknowledged because he has yet to win Wimbledon or the U.S. Open.* But he is grace under pressure personified, wins consistently, plays his best in big finals, and possesses high standards. If Wilander lacks anything, it is the touch of arrogance - the aloofness of Borg, or the conspicuous pride of Laver. It is only nominally a deficiency. (Extract from article by Peter Bodo, published in TENNIS, August 1988)(*just one month before Mats did in fact win the U.S. Open)
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  • Simona Halep (ROU) d. Serena Williams (USA) 6-2 6-2
    at Wimbledon WTA Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Final
    172 (5512) Aces -$1,785 ROI:-6.3% 50% 
    Jul 13 2019 11:56:50
    "I want to believe..." I so desperately want to believe in a win for Halep in this final, I want it so bad that it even exceeds how much I wan't to watch a heavy loss in this final for the egocentric "Serena-So-Full-of-Herself-and-suddenly-so-satisfied-with-life" that it almost make me vomit. And that what before I had a glimpse of her newly published half-nude pictures..

    Please highly respected Tennis-God, please give us another Grand-Slam-final mental meltdown from Serena today, similar to her previous US-Open display, but hopefully ten times worse and involving the chair umpire again as those arguments are superb live-tv entertainment..

    Come on SImona, try to start a psychological war early on and really get into Serenas head! (big head)
  • Roger Federer (SUI) d. Rafael Nadal (ESP) 7-6(3) 1-6 6-3 6-4
    at Wimbledon ATP Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Semi Final
    172 (5512) Aces -$1,785 ROI:-6.3% 50% 
    Jul 12 2019 14:50:00
    Absolutely spot on. Not only that this grass court is slower compared to what is - within the "normal variation" on a year-to-year basis of the usual conditions for Wimbs grass courts, but also, the bounce is significantly higher on this years grass , according to many players.
    WHich means the court surface conditons are a bit more similar to hard-court, some kind of a more slow hard-court, like lets say AusOpen for example. Which could explain why so many types of tall big-server & hard-hitting players - like Cilic, Raonic, Kevin Andersson etc etc - were knocked out surprisingly early.
    Which also means this years grass is more of an advantage for players that frequently hit shots with a very heavy top-spin...such as Rafa Nadal.
    While it is an disadvantage for players that normally win many points on using their very short and low sliceshots on the "normal Wimbs grass"...such as Roger Fed.
    While it is and disadvantage for a player who usually benefit from having a more heavy big-serve than their opponent... such as ROger Fed in the match-up vs Nadal.
    Or the disadvantage of not being able to benefit as much of an advantage from a more frequent serve & volley-style of game, like would be the case on a normal Wimbs grass court...such is the case with Roger Fed's usual advantage in that aspect, when in a match up vs Nadal here in Wimbledon...

    So many signs pointing in favour of a quite clear Nadal advantage of a win here...
  • Novak Djokovic (SRB) d. Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP) 6-2 4-6 6-3 6-2
    at Wimbledon ATP Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Semi Final
    172 (5512) Aces -$1,785 ROI:-6.3% 50% 
    Jul 12 2019 13:37:48
    What a pathetic fluke way to win a set with that pathetic fluke net-roller.

    Guess that could have been the ultimate trigger for DJokovic as we will now from the 3rd set witness how that point UNLEASHED ALL HELL OF F-ING FURY!
    (to quote yngwie malmsteen in big parts, frankly)
  • Novak Djokovic (SRB) d. Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP) 6-2 4-6 6-3 6-2
    at Wimbledon ATP Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Semi Final
    172 (5512) Aces -$1,785 ROI:-6.3% 50% 
    Jul 12 2019 11:56:16
    Bautista has some weapons to be a threat to Djoko... However, the very bad key-fact about this for Bautista, is that Djoko is fully aware of Bautista ability to be a serious threat..
    SO, not only is djoko simply too good at this current form... I also expect Djoko to fight for every game and every point, never to let Bautista get a chance to get into the match,

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