Get involved and share your views about player characteristics

Is Andy Murray cool under pressure? Is David Ferrer an all court player?

These kinds of questions can be highly subjective and invite plenty of debate. They are not easy to determine through statistics alone so to answer them we look to our expert community of users on TI.

You can now tag players with any of over 40 characteristics (or traits) and you can see what other users think as well. By using the collective wisdom of the TI community we can provide a summary of each player to help you better understand and analyse any given match up.

With this feature you can see:

  1. A quick summary of each players traits on every match preview;
  2. All players that share a given trait (or set of traits);
  3. Which traits are being assigned by which users;
  4. Traits you have assigned – and easily add, edit and manage them;
  5. [On the road map] view player activity filtered for traits – e.g. show all Berdych matches against opponents with a strong return of serve and who use slice and drop shots;

This feature should invite healthy discussions about the playing styles and general characteristics of players and is a powerful tool to help scout players and match ups. Get involved and share your opinion on player traits today.

To get started: Simply click into any player or match preview and follow the prompts.