Known Bugs

3-AUG-11 by @TennisEdge
@tennistic, @uleso, if you go to any match stats report or tourney tour leaders e.g.…7000&all=1 and select 1 yr, 6 mos, 3mos or 1mo, and clay or grass nothing comes up. also any fix in sight for WTA all-time only going back to 2009? thanks

A number of filtering on the player Activity, if done from a Player page, Is not working properly. Open

When filtering player Activity, the ‘Go’ button is not visible (therefore must click into Advanced). Note that this issue does not exist if you click into player activity via a match preview. Open

At end of player activity results, we have “when he’s hot” and “…and when he’s not” which is no good for WTA. Suggest change to “when they’re hot” . Open

“Grand Slam” filter critiera for Women returns no results (mapping to Mens Grand Slams?). Open

Moneyline Summary on match previews says “SI Earnings”. Change to “TI Earnings”. Open

Require Serbian flag to be reinstated (was lost in old server meltdown). Need both sizes of flag image. Open

Require two other images to be reinstated (lost in old server meltdown). On the not logged in splash page – the blog photo. And i think there is a button (join or ‘go’ or something) missing. Open

Tournament match stats leaders does not include finals (applies to all historical tournaments). Requires further investigation