Posting Guidelines

In addition to the guidelines listed below, please ensure you are familiar with, and abide by our Code of Conduct.

  • Treat other users with respect. Criticism of someones tip (or analysis) is fine but the criticism should be constructive and it should be directed at the opinion – not at the person stating that opinion.
  • Low content posts. Please do not make posts containing no content (e.g., “first post,” “hello, I’m new here,” etc.). As a general rule, write as if you were speaking in real life to another human being. A good measure is to ask yourself, ‘Is this post funny, informative, or otherwise Insightful?’ if you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of those, then post away. If not, take your finger off the Post button.
    Do not be offended if you find your low content post gets deleted by a Moderator
  • Stay on topic. If your post isn’t relevant to the thread, post it to an alternative thread, or to the General Comments thread.
  • Profanity. Profanity (abusive or vulgar language) is not tolerated. Continued or extreme profanity will result in suspension of your account. Please note that substituting symbols for letters in profanities or using abbreviations will still be considered as profanity and treated using the guidelines above. Also note that while we follow these guidelines, we apply some discretion and may treat individual cases more or less harshly depending on individual circumstances. You should know some words that aren’t profanities – use them instead.
  • Harassment. Personal abuse is not allowed since it falls under harassment. If you feel another user is an idiot, that’s your business. No-one cares. Don’t post about it in the forums. Add them to your ignore list if you feel strongly about it. If you feel the user has violated the terms and conditions, drop us an email.
  • Complaints about posts or users. If you have a problem with a user’s post, alert TennisInsight rather than flaming them in the thread via dropping us an email. In particular, if you think somebody is using multiple identities, don’t tell them, tell us and we will investigate. Accusing people in error is embarrassing for everybody.
  • Don’t feed the trolls. It just makes the situation worse. If a user abuses you or your friends, alert TennisInsight and they will get suspended anyway. You don’t want to join them do you? Ditto if you think the user is using multiple identities – tell us, don’t accuse the user in the thread.
  • Mod Sass. Flaming Moderators or Admins also falls under harassment of another user. Also, it’s more likely to be noticed by moderators and, if you think about it, isn’t going to make them any better disposed towards you. Moderators try to be fair and reasonable and are trying to make the forum better. They may listen to reasonable suggestions or questions but not to aggressive rants. Multiple or serious offences will get you banned.
  • PLAYER VILIFICATION POLICY. Do not make any comments about tennis players (or anyone for that matter) that are defamatory or in any way out of line with the general principals of user conduct on For example, do not accuse players of throwing matches or being corrupt. Users may want to use language such as ‘strange betting patterns’ or ‘seemed to lack motivation/desire’.
  • Name your source. If referring to or pasting an article in your post, please include a reference so people can check it out themselves. This is polite to the original author and your readers and saves you being accused of making it up. Note: Copyright material should not be posted on TennisInsight.
  • Avoid saying “I’m never posting here again” or phrases along these lines. Repeated instances of this type of comment is likely to see your statement made true, as we will make your account read-only. If you never want to post on TennisInsight again but don’t trust yourself to refrain, drop us an email and we will make your account read-only for you.
  • Derailing the thread. Don’t post about how you like bunnies in a thread that is all about people who like beer. Just don’t make a post anywhere that is (intentionally) worded so as to disrupt the constructive discussion of the current subject.
  • Do not ask for Aces. If your contributions are worthy you will accrue Aces. Requesting Aces is a quick way to offend other users and possibly lead to your account being made read-only.


Probation Offences

Failing to post in accordance with the guidelines listed above will as a minimum get your account made temporarily read-only; repeated offences will likely get your account made permanently read-only, or else permanently suspended.