• Up to 50% of subscription Fees are redistributed back into the TI Community;
  • TI members derive rewards by accumulating Aces – which are awarded by fellow users for making valuable contributions via Your Insight;
  • Rewards are apportioned primarily in proportion to Aces earned, however a number of other factors are also taken into consideration.
  • IMPORTANT: To be eligible to earn rewards, users must consistently adhere to the Code of Conduct and User Posting Guidelines. Members that fail to do so in a reasonable manner will be excluded from TI rewards without notice.

Please read on for the details.

Rewards redistributed to the TI community

TennisInsight cannot guarantee what proportion of revenue will be shared amongst it’s members. However our goal is for something in the order of 40-50%.

The process works as follows:

  1. Revenue from each subscription is set aside for the TI community;
  2. Each year is broken up into a series of ‘periods’ (refer table below);
  3. Revenue is assigned pro-rata over 12 months of periods;
  4. At the end of each period we add up the total revenue assigned to it;
  5. We then add up all of the Aces earned for that period;
  6. Rewards are then awarded in direct proportion to the total revenue and the number of Aces earned within that period.

Here is the table that shows each period of the 2014 season. The last column gives an allocation (or a ‘weighting’ if you like) for what percentage of revenue is distributed. Note that the allocation for each period is based roughly on the number, size & importance of tournaments for both the ATP & WTA tours.

Period ID Period Start End Weeks Allocation
1 Tour Opener 9-Dec 2-Feb 8 14%
2 Euro into US Swing 3-Feb 6-Apr 9 17%
3 Clay Season 7-Apr 8-Jun 9 19%
4 Euro Summer 9-Jun 27-Jul 7 18%
5 US into Asia Swing 28-Jul 21-Sep 8 17%
6 Tour Finale 22-Sep 7-Dec 11 15%

Getting Rewarded

TennisInsight distributes rewards as follows:

  • Rewards are automatically credited to TI accounts in the form of additional membership time. This is typically done between 1 and 2 weeks after the end of the prior period;
  • If you gain enough extra time you may be eligible to receive a cash payment from TI (PayPal only);
  • Cash payments are only made at the end of the season (typically before Christmas) and our standard policy is that the minimum value you must have accrued is 100 Euro AND enough for a minimum balance of at least 1 years subscription after converting your excess membership time to a cash payment;
  • It is entirely up to the recipient to manage any tax or other obligations that may apply in relation to these payments.

The finer points of determining community rewards

We acknowledge that Aces is not a perfect system and we will endeavour to do what we can to ensure that an equitable outcome is achieved. It is important that you note that any decision made in relation to distributing rewards is entirely at the discretion of the management of TennisInsight. A few things we will do to try and ensure an equitable system are:

  • TI Mods and Admin have additional Aces to give away and are asked to take particular care in distributing them equitably;
  • Mods may be awarded Aces in recognition of their wider contributions to the site;
  • Aces earned for contributing results and statistics (e.g. by Champion users) may be adjusted. This is important. For example suppose that 50% of Aces in a period accrued from the Scoresheet & 50% from Your Insight. TennisInsight might take the view that the respective weighting should be 20-80 (example only). In such a case TennisInsight would downplay the Aces earned from Scoresheet such that Your Insight contributions were more highly rewarded. This area is a balancing act that TennisInsight will keep a close eye on.
  • Any user(s) deemed to be deliberately attempting to manipulate &/or undermine the revenue sharing process may have their susbcriptions cancelled without notice and without refund. We ask that all members of the TI community at in accordance with the spirit that the revenue sharing process is intended.

We kindly ask that all members of the TI Community distribute their Aces appropriately (refer here for guidance on this).

What to do if I’m not being acknowledged for my contributions to TI

Firstly, if you have only been at it for a short while – don’t give up! In our experience users can sometimes take a while before they start trusting (or ‘warming to’) someone new. Once you have a established a track record of providing valuable tips and insight you should find that the Aces soon follow.

If you still feel you are not being suitably recognised then drop us an email. We may not respond immediately but we will endeavour to review your contributions. We would then alert our Moderators and see what else we could do to raise your profile a little. A warning: we’re busy folk at TI and don’t take too kindly to people wasting our time – so please only email us if you sincerely believe you are being hard done by on the Aces front.