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  • Jelena Ostapenko (LAT) d. Aliaksandra Sasnovich (BLR) 7-6(4) 6-0
    at Wimbledon WTA Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Round of 16
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    Jul 9 2018 10:00:13
    I think Ostapenko will win this, but even more I'm almost sure that if she does she will lose her double match.

    Maria / Watson - McHale / Ostapenko.

    - First of all Maria and Watson playes really well this year they are 7-1.
    - Ostapenko is going to focus on the singles if she win.
    - McHale Christina is having a really bad year 8/18 in singles and 2/6 doubles (Only wins this year has been with Ostapenko)
    - McHale has dropped to a career-low ranking at 678 in doubles.
    - Ostapenko has tanked before in doubles in Grand slams. Last year Wimbledon in the 1st round as a 1.4 favorite and 1st round in French open last year as a 1.30 favorite.

    I will take 1.75 every day at the better double pair with the most motivation!


    I will only play the double game if Ostapenko wins against Sasnovich.
  • Milos Raonic (CAN) d. Dennis Novak (AUT) 7-6(5) 4-6 7-5 6-2
    at Wimbledon ATP Slam (GBR)
    Grass, Round of 32
    0 (1780) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    Jul 6 2018 16:43:35
    Dennis Novak wow what a game he did against Lucas Pouille, life changing for him.
    Before that game he had won 240 000 € in his whole tennis career, no he will go away with 112,849 €, so almost half of what he have earned the past 7(!) years. I think that the win over Pouille have been to emotional for him and he will have a hard time to reload here.

    Raonic looks really good already 6-0 and 117 winners. He started slow his first match against Broady (18 Aces and only 54% first serves) but against Millman he improved that with 34 aces and 70% first serves.

    I think Raonic will only get better and have a nice draw up to Federer in the semi-final.

    No this will be over under 2 hours.


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