We’ve just put live a whole lot of improvements to the Match Preview page, with a new look for the Overview and Your Insight tabs, and a Total Earnings box at the top of the page, so you can see how the community fared overall on a match.

Pre-match you’ll see the look of the summary of Insight tips has been updated, making it easier to glance over and see the number of tips and total amount tipped per bet type available on the match.

Post-match that summary will update it’s colours to show the winning  and losing side of the bet types. A simplified Insight Summary panel has also been added to the Overview

TennisInsight Reward System

TennisInsight is all about rewarding it’s members for participating and sharing their knowledge. The more active you are on the site and more Insight you share the more your fans will cheer and give you Aces! Each 1000 Aces you earn on TI gets converted into extended subscription time on the site automatically every week – the community rewards it’s most helpful members.

How Aces Work

Aces are the currency for rewards on the site and every active member of the site can award them. All users can accrue aces from fellow users by contributing their tips, analysis and in fact any information that fellow TI users