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Online since 2005, TennisInsight.com is the internet’s best source of Statistics and Analysis of the ATP and WTA Tours.

There are many good reasons why you should consider joining TennisInsight.com today, here are 3:

  1. Access an abundance of High Quality Statistics, information & analysis provided not only by TennisInsight but also by a Global Network of 100’s of tennis experts & enthusiasts that provide their Insight on a daily basis (see below for detailed info on all the rich content you will have access to);
  2. Contribute Your Insight and get rewarded. A minimum of 40% of our revenues gets awarded straight back to our community, ensuring that loads of members never have to pay for access, some even get paid cash & you could too – simply by sharing some of your tennis acumen with the community;
  3. TennisInsight is fun (addictive even), Affordable (comparable to a magazine subscription but offers you so much more), innovative and we are a Thriving Community that is constantly adding new features to the site.

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Who should join TennisInsight.com?

TennisInsight is highly valued by our many users that like to wager on Tennis, however TennisInsight caters to a much wider audience, including:

  • Serious Tennis Fans – if you follow the ATP &/or WTA tours on a weekly basis then TennisInsight is for you
  • Journalists, Bloggers, Webmasters, Media Personnel and anyone else who produces content about professional tennis
  • Players, Coaches and anyone connected with the ATP &/or WTA tours
  • Anyone involved in the gambling industry, be you a Sports Capper or Professional Tipster
  • Tennis punters. Whether you do it professionally or just make the occasional wager, TennisInsight has everything you need to get better punting returns

What do I get when I join TennisInsight.com

Here is an outline of the content and features you will gain access to when joining TennisInsight, please click on any of the links, or read on below, for further information.

Members of TennisInsight.com enjoy the benefits of all of the above and much more.

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How much does it cost to join?

TennisInsight is very affordable, priced in line with a typical magazine subscription yet offering so much more. It is also worth appreciating that TennisInsight gives out an enormous amount of FREE MEMBERSHIP TIME to members that offer Insight as well as to winners of our regular Tipping Competitions.

We offer a range of Subscription options to suit your needs:

  • 2 weeks (A 14 day subscription) – € 3.95
  • 3 months (A 3 month membership) – € 14.95
  • 6 months (A 6 month membership) – € 24.95
  • 12 months (A 365 day membership) – € 39.95

In-depth Previews of Every Match

Match Previews are available for Every Main Draw singles match on the ATP & WTA Tours along with Davis Cup and Fed Cup, with some Qualifying and lower tier Challenger/ITF matches also covered.

We post first round Match Previews WITHIN HOURS of the release of Main Draws each week and within MINUTES of match-ups being determined for each subsequent round.

Features of our In-depth Match Previews include:

  • Player Bio, Rank, Match Record and other high level overview information
  • Statistical Model ratings, predicted chance of victory (expressed as a range based on a confidence interval) and minimum buy-in
  • Recent Trends – see below for more info
  • Head to Head Record including Match Stats and Odds
  • Match Stat Summaries of each Player – see below for more info
  • Insight, Analysis & Tips from our Member Community
  • Player Activity, career highlights and an array of other statistics to help you evaluate the match-up

To sample a FREE Match Preview simply follow the link from the Home Page.

Harness the Power of our Global Network

Members of TennisInsight.com contribute a vast array of information and share their punting acumen and expert analysis with each other – for the benefit of all.

What’s more this information is provided in a completely contextual way – simply click on a Match Preview to see all the analysis and tips in one spot.

What you should know about our Member Community & TennisInsight:

  • A significant portion of our Users contribute High Quality Insight, Analysis & Tips
  • Users give and receive ‘Aces’ which are in-turn converted to FREE membership time (and even Cash). This system ensures Users are recognised for their contributions to the Community and REWARDED. It’s kind of like Wikipedia on steroids and ensures that there is always an abundance of quality information being shared on TennisInsight – far superior to any forum
  • You can ‘follow the Aces’ to easily see who the more valuable contributors are
  • Our tipsters are benchmarked against indicative bookmaker prices so you can also easily tell who the best Tipsters are
  • Users also contribute to our ‘Player Diary’ and ‘Tournament Diary’, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the ATP & WTA Tours

Free Membership for sharing Your Insight

TennisInsight offers a unique system to ensure that our members are recognised and rewarded for their great contributions to the Community. In a nutshell:

  • TennisInsight takes this very seriously and ensures that our Community is Recognised and Rewarded
  • We recycle over 40% of our revenue back to our Community in recognition for their inputs
  • This means that when you join TennisInsight you are not merely joining a handful of so called “experts”. You are joining a Network of 100’s of active Users from around the world that share their tennis acumen along with information from their local news sources
  • As a result there is often lively discussion and healthy debate among our members. This is done in a respectful way with no ‘right or wrong’ but instead an abundance of information from which you can form your own conclusions

CLICK HERE for more information on how we distribute FREE membership time as well as Cash.

The Best Tennis Statistics on the Web

The statistical information available on TennisInsight.com is nothing short of astounding. Below is a brief outline of some of what we offer.

Player Activity Filter

Features of our Player Activity Feature include:

  • Filter by over 30 categories including Surface, Geography, Tour, Current Tournament and price breaks on Match Odds
  • Filter by Match-specific filter options (e.g. prior activity at current tournament) and toggle between each player in as part of our match preview function
  • Displays summary report of Win-Loss, Betting Returns and performance against the TennisInsight Statistical Model for the given set of filter parameters you choose
  • Activity display includes Match Odds, Player & Opponent Rank, Form Ratings

To sample a sample of the Player Activity Feature for FREE simply follow the link from the Home Page to one of our Free Match Previews (then select ‘activity’).

ATP and WTA Match Stats

Our powerful Match Stats database does a whole lot more than simply give you the stats for a given contest. For each match preview, player and tournament you can view collated match stats tailored to your own set of criteria – want to see the average statistics for head-to-head matches played on clay court between Rafa and Federer for the preceeding 12 months? You can do this and so much more – for players, tournaments and even benchmarking the entire ATP and WTA tour averages – it’s all too easy at TennisInsight.com!

ATP & WTA Match Stat Leaders

Features of our Tour Match Stats Feature include:

  • Covers ATP & WTA
  • Query by 1, 3, 6 or 12 months or even ‘all time’ (back to 2004 for ATP)
  • Includes Qualifying Match Stats and Challenger Match Stats (which are also included as query parameters)
  • Query by Surface
  • Output is benchmarked on a ‘per game’ basis (e.g. ‘Aces per game’) and includes derived stats (‘Ace to double fault ratio’) and ‘Slam’ stats for Grand Slam matches (e.g. Serve Speed)
  • In other words, it’s completely awesome 🙂

Track Player Trends & Streaks

Features of our Recent Trends Feature include:

  • Display significant Winning and Losing Records for various scenarios
  • Scenario categories include Surface, Geography, Tournament, Tour, Match Odds (by price bracket), Opponent Rank (e.g. ‘higher’ or ‘Top 10’) and many more

ATP & WTA Results Database

TennisInsight.com contains all main Tour and Challenger results (including qualifying) along with certain exhibition results for the ATP Tour dating back to January 2000. For WTA our database contains all main Tour and ITF results of $25K or higher (including qualifying) along with certain exhibition results dating back to January 2003.

TennisInsight Statistical Model

At the core of TennisInsight.com is our statistical model that rates every player for every match and provides a predicted chance and a statistical confidence level of the prediction. The statistics generated by the model help you identify value bets as well as track player form by surface and over time. We can’t vouch that the model is always going to be profitable when used in isolation – however when used in conjunction with the other stats at TennisInsight.com & the Insight of our member community it proves to be an invaluable aid in helping drive better punting decisions.

Putting it all together – The Service

At TennisInsight.com our members come first – you get access to all information as soon as we do (i.e. we don’t hoard information so we can place our own bets first) We typically get draws for new tournaments up within hours of release and ensure that results, statistics and information is always fresh, updated frequently each day.

For those that gamble, TennisInsight affords you every opportunity to make good long term profits from your tennis punting, although we do stress that this is up to you – our site provides the best possible information to support your decision making, but we do not make your betting decisions for you.

Finally, be warned that our members have reported that TennisInsight.com is highly addictive and makes their experience with pro tennis far more interesting, rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable!

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If you have any questions please email us – [email protected] and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.