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  • Roger Federer (SUI) d. Rafael Nadal (ESP) 6-4 6-3
    at Shanghai Masters 1000 (CHN)
    Hard Court, Final
    22 (410) Aces -$2,151 ROI:-39.6% 43% 
    Oct 15 2017 05:51:31
    Service wise, both players have been fairly good. Up until Cilic, Nadal hadn't been broken at all and managed to win in a match where Cilic was playing lights out. Similar to Dimitrov the match before. Both had to red line their game to remain in contention to beating Rafa.

    Roger looks a little sluggish but has still been equally impressive on serve. He had small hiccups against Gasquet (whom he has previously dominated) but Gasquet played the best match he has probably ever played against Roger. Then dropping a set against delPo was again a tight contest.

    You'd definitely rate the quality of opposition played against both players as equally comparable (in both QF and SF matches). Another interesting aspect is both service and return statistics are nearly identical. Notably, Nadal having a minor advantage. Both also have only dropped one set and seemingly against all in form players.

    A tough contest, one that looks to be a tight match. Initially leaned on Federer, especially with the amount of emotion he was displaying in his win against delPo (which was more so probably on display for revenge on his US Open loss). I see bookmakers have also cottoned on to the fact of the fast court conditions leading to the server having a certain and distinct advantage. The court is certainly faster then the speeds of both IW and Miami (which was a Federer rout on both occasions). The totals were both 22.5 for IW and 23.5 for Miami. We have a line set for 24 today in a match that will heavily favour the server and much faster court conditions then their 2 previous Masters1000 meetings this year.

    Both QF and SF matches went over the totals for both players, quite comfortably. And that trend looks to continue in this match. I'll play the overs with a tight match expected, at least statistically speaking.
  • Maria Sharapova (RUS) d. Shuai Peng (CHN) 6-3 6-1
    at Tianjin WTA Int'l (CHN)
    Hard Court, Semi Final
    22 (410) Aces -$2,151 ROI:-39.6% 43% 
    Oct 14 2017 05:47:18
    I think more then anything Maria needs a title now. Something, anything to prove that she is back. Both physically and mentally. Halep played the best tennis she has in a lonnng time when she enacted revenge on Sharapova a couple of weeks ago. And with Peng pretty much being on one leg lately, I can't see past anything but a Maria win. Even if Peng goes lights out in the first set.
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