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  • 1277 (1399) Aces -$8,097 ROI:-13.4% 61% 
    Sep 20 2017 10:37:49
    @andyroddick I've noticed a lot of players ages, heigh...
  • 1277 (1399) Aces -$8,097 ROI:-13.4% 61% 
    Sep 14 2017 06:16:26
    My fellow tennis tipsters, i have a question.

    What factors make you give a tip "BET OF THE DAY"....
    What i have noticed is a large majority of "bet of the days" seem to lose. Now i understand nothing is a guaranteed in any sport, but I'm curious as to what principles people use to come to a conclusion that a tip is a bet of the day.

    Most obvious one, value. A tipster sees great value at certain odds and its so good value its bet of the day!!
    Second choice, a guaranteed bet. Where the tipster cannot see any other result other than a win, its a banker and therefore, bet of the day!!
    Third, a tipster knows a player inside out, watches them often know his or her game and likes to back that player with utter confidence, for them its there bet of the day!!

    The above 3 reasons all seem reasonable, they make sense, however shouldn't that mean, its the bet that tipster has the most confidence in, hence them choosing it to be the bet of the day...Its the one tip they feel with there wealth of understanding on the game of tennis, they will get it right.

    So this makes me wonder, why do so many bet of the days end up loses...? I'd say at a guess 60% or more bet of the days lose, just go and have a look for yourselves. Thats rather high figure, which leads me to ask the question, what do people class as "bet of the day"...

    Please share your thoughts...

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