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  • uleso (Admin) 
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    Jan 13 2017 07:19:29
    HI all. As part of our efforts to improve the performance of the site across the board we are no longer offering Classic TI as a service. All your links should now redirect to the appropriate place within TI. I understand some of you will be disappointed with this but we feel the time is right to let it go and we need our community young and old to be using the site that we are maintaining going forward. Having personally developed Classic TI myself this does some with regret. Tennis Insight in now over 10 years old. We have all come a long way. I look forward to many more good years. Thanks to all of you for your support and as always please get in touch via [email protected]
  • uleso (Admin) 
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    Jan 12 2017 04:25:51
    Hi all - we just did a small update that changes all the links within the site. Should help with Search Engines. Let us know if you find any broken links. Thanks.
  • uleso (Admin) 
    4 (2112) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    Jul 12 2016 05:28:54
    The following Users will receive cash rewards for their efforts from February to April. Apologies for the delay on this and thank you all very much:
    • st-bookie
    • RFtHeBeStEvEr
    • zoocorp
    • armond
    • MangoKing
    • Zafods
    • IcAh88
    • zakwo166
    • andyroddick
    • 220954
    • uncjrod
    • minrut
    • MaSk79
    • jackdaniels
    • livioo
    • joecole83

    You have all been emailed requesting confirmation. So if you have not received an email and you are on this list please contact us.

    There were some other great contributors over this period who have already been rewarded through account time. Thank you very much to those users also!
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