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    May 8 2017 08:16:26
    hi pumperking, im not disputing any of the points you just made, but personally i pay to subscribe to this website for the stats.

    andyroddick has suggested i use the 12 month stats. you have 139 rows of data for clay in this period of which only 35 players have 10 matches or more. the sample size is pretty tiny and unusable given this issue effects the grass to looks like im losing access to the stats i wanted for a fairly substantial part of the season; and most annoyingly the european swing which is my timezone.

    2 yrs ago we were talking about fixing the scrolling to pages and an API to download this automatically to excel... 2 yrs later no progress on these issues & now not even access to the stats i need.

    the frustrating part of is that this information exists in the preview section.......
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    May 6 2017 08:36:28
    @pumperking - per your prev msg I cant seem to msg @andyroddick - his name is not appearing as a recipient.

    so once again... any updates on clay wta stats ??! we're pretty much through 7/12 of the clay court tournaments, its gradually becoming pointless.

    come on guys; sort it out. this is a paid service.
  • 17 (33) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    May 2 2017 20:57:31
    at the risk of starting to sound repetitive... any updates on wta stats pls ?
  • 17 (33) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    Apr 23 2017 13:01:06
    match stats -> wta match stats -> match / service / return etc for All time (both main & quali)

    are all blank for clay (and it looks like grass & indoor too). i havent checked for individual tournaments as i need all players data

  • 17 (33) Aces +$0 ROI:+0.0% 0% 
    Apr 23 2017 10:13:43
    hi guys- wta match stats arent working for women's all time clay.

    can someone take a look pls ?
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